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callelibre23-paola1667-Recovered_bule sky copy.jpg
callelibre2023-marlene-nemeth-abday6162-Recovered_blue sky copy.jpg

"Nice is Cool" - 2023, Vienna, Calle Libre Festival

It took me a while to realise..that we need to be we can be strong if we have to.

LNDM- Weltmuseum-Tom_Poe-39.jpg

"Just Imagine a world where corporations really put climate justice over profits" - 2023, Vienna, via Artists for Future at Weltmuseum Wien


"Turm der Zukunft" - 2023, Engelhartsstätten, operating with Ripoff Crew, for Silosophie - a non profit that aims to re-purpose 

buildings with renewable energy and art

Abuse of Power_2022.jpg
Abuse of_K_2022_1.JPG

"Abuse of Power" - 2022, Vienna, Calle Libre Festival

Dramatische Headline_1.jpg
This used to be a critical artwork_5.JPG

"Dramatische Headline" - 2021, intervention at subway station together with Studio Walls

Jolly Schwarz_Calle LibreSchwarz--8.jpg
Jolly Schwarz_Calle LibreSchwarz--9.jpg

"Ambivalenz" - 2019, for Calle Libre Festival in Vienna, operating with Ripoff Crew


"Women and Science" - 2020, Linz, operating with Ripoff Crew

WhatsApp Image 2019-08-21 at 16.09.42.jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-21 at 16.09.40.jpeg

untiteled - 2019, Lienz, operating with Ripoff Crew

Kopie von csm_Takeover_Street_Art_Pressefoto_10_6d0d702f84.jpg
Wien museum 3.jpg

"United In Struggle" - 2019, "Takeover - Streetart and Skateboarding" at Wien Museum, operating with Ripoff Crew

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