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"holiday" solo exhibiton at Bobbin for Subetasch in Gmünd, November 2022

The exhibition deals with visual elements of long standing holiday structures. Have the mirrored needs of society changed, and how has this altered our perception? What has become a visual of dystopia and which elements do we as spectators and vacationists still romanticise?


It features analog photographs in various installments and a short movie that aims to sucktion viewers into a new, slower timeframe, thereby rediscovering one’s perception and finding new focus once surrendering to the stoic images.

All Imagery features common but bizarre scenery from several southern european holiday destinations, paces that seem like they have fallen out of time. 

The short movie's still video footage is accompanied by sound design by Glasgow based artist Names.

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"where we come from" solo exhibiton at Improper Walls Gallery 2020

In a collage of contemporary aesthetics and traditional values, new and old, the exhibition tries to dismantle the main historical reasons why we function and communicate as we do in a family context.

Which circumstances and events have shaped the generations before us – and how do they still form the roles we expect ourselves to

take on in today’s society?

This first solo show featured inherited handkerchiefs and a duvet cover painted with various photos of Käthe's family, her great-grandmother’s pre-suicide diary permanently sealed in a frame, a cross-stitch light collage, and an installation consisting of her grandmother’s funeral garments and dowry items. The center piece of the show was an altar which consisted of found objects and a self-made triptychon.

By assembling those particular items, Käthe refers to the historical reasons for the discomfort that oftentimes haunts family histories, such as generational trauma inflicted by the cruelties of the Nazi regime, or the oppressive structures of the Catholic church.

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