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Katharina Käthe Löffelmann

Katharina "Käthe" Löffelmann (*1994, Lower Austria) is a

multidisciplinary artist based in Vienna, Austria. 

Starting from 2D work, Käthe transitions their work into

three-dimensional space and creates conceptual settings, including

objects, digital practices, steady and motion picture. Thematically,

the works deal with ambivalent emotions, admixed with the ever present dystopian aspects of existing in our society.

In terms of murals and street art she mostly operates together

with fellow artists Linda Steiner and Eternalmanila, forming

the collective Ripoff Crew

2018 she joined Studio Walls where she does most of her work. 

recent exhibitions etc.


Class of Sculpture and Environmental Art, Glasgow School of Arts - scholarship from Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Research

"Turm der Zukunft", Engelhartstätten, Viertelfestival, mural

Acquisition through the state collection of Lower Austria


"Heiße Pistole”, Studio Walls, Vienna

“Video Park” Filmfestival in Užice, Serbia

“NESVRSTANI” Artfair in Zagreb, Croatia

“Philosophy Unbound” Festival for Philosophy and Performance Art, Vienna




“Where We Come From”, Improper Walls Gallery (Solo)

“Les Dispersé*es”, international class of École Supérieure d’Art et de Design Marseille-Méditerranée

"Linz Mural City", Mural KPU Linz

“Nach Wie Vor”, Orpheum Graz

“Beyond Dystopia”, AG18 Galerie

“Lie To Me”, Improper Walls Gallery

“No Offense But”, Improper Walls Gallery

“Takeover - Streetart & Skateboarding”, Wien Museum, mural

"Hands off the Wall", streetart festival Vienna, live painting

"Dolomitenstadt", Lienz, mural

“Calle Libre” streetart festival, Vienna, mural

“Drinnen”,  AG18 Galerie

“Rebel Against Skincancer II”, Improper Walls Gallery

Street Art Festival Köflach, mural

Viertelfestival NÖ, Gmünd, mural

Schlot Sommerfest, Schlot Linz, mural

"Hands off the Wall", streetart festival Vienna, live painting

“Lotus Charity”, EGA Frauenzentrum Wien

“OFFF Vienna”, Live Painting

collaboration partners

Porsche, Stadt Wien, Red Bull, Bipa, Jake*s, Austrian Airlines, Arbeiterkammer, Flucht nach Vorn, Havana Club, H&M, Vöslauer


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