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Real estate agent_6.JPG
Land For Sale_2022_9.JPG
Land For Sale_2022_7.JPG
Land For Sale_2022_1.JPG
Land For Sale_2022.JPG

Series “Documentation“ 2022, Glasgow

“Sales Sign“ 2022, 61x81cm, correx print

Real estate agent_1.JPG

“Self portrait as Real Estate Agent“, 2022, Glasgow

"Land for Sale" is a multidisciplinary project, where after creating a fictional luxury real estate brokerage including sales persona, website and satirical image video, an advertising sign is used to guide viewers towards the fictional online content - leaving it up to them to rate it as it credible or not.

Pieced together from transcripts of actual actual videos selling luxury real estate, the sales video above is supposed to create a satirical crescendo to highlight the absurdity and privilege that lies within the mere existance of the “luxury” sector and lifestyle.

The K.Invesments homepage linked to the real estate signs that were placed in the city of Glasgow over a certain amount of time uses the framework of this website, making it quite easy for the attentive spectator to uncover the scheme.

Holiday 2022_1.JPG
Holiday 2022.JPG

“Airport“, 2020, 150x226 cm, printed canvas, gomited and suspended on nylon yarn

“Always Blue”, 2022, 06“17‘, short film

Series “Poolboys“, 2022,15x21cm each, print on aludibond

“Beachside“, 2022, 150x226 cm, printed canvas, gomited and suspended on nylon yarn

“Seagulls“, 2022, 119x84cm, print on aludibond

Parts of Solo Exhibiton "Holiday" 2022


"Bildträger", 2021, photoprint sculpture, collaboration with Thomas Steineder

_MG_1714 Kopie.jpg

"shrine of female empowermen", 2020, EL-triptychon, found objects

"love and mariagge", 2020, found objects

"read after death", 2020, diary framed behind glass

Parts of Solo Exhibiton "where we come from" 2019

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